[X018D1AK], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, September 16th, 1888


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[X018D1AK], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, September 16th, 1888

Editor's Notes

10-5485. MARY VALINDA IS REFERRING TO MADELEINE AS "GRACEY/GRACIE" HERE BUT IN AN EARLIER LETTER REFERS TO HER AS MADELEINE (X018D1AG_ - COULD SHE JUST BE CONFUSED?] [3 tortured pages] "My dear Mina and Mr Edison: As you think after you have been married thirty-six years you will be writing to your dear little daughter and she will have a dear little daughter [too] don't you think it is wonderful how everything is thirty-six years ago we were young and starting in life as you are now. ### I have just finished writing a few lines to dear Gracey and it is getting a little dark and Mr and Mrs Igo that is Louie's Brother and his Wife is hear so I will only write a few lines at this time hoping it will find you well all well and happy it is pleasant just [top pg 2; break in thought?] looked so pretty sitting on the seat by [illeg] today don't you think they are having… The boys are playing on the [piano?] and [illeg] of the time and then it clouded up and is very gloomy it is very changeable all day but I do h ope it will be [illeg] in the year to come. ### Mr and Mrs Igo have just started for Canton whwere they will have a very pleasant time will [illeg].### Dear Mina I was very glad to read your very kind and loving letter. I do wish I could be with you or we could see each other oftener and I could see dear little Gracey in the Bath tub. I know she is pretty [ileg] there and all the other times I expect she is quite a little playmate for Thomas and William and also Dot if she is at home but I believe you said she would start to school last week and she go I do hope she will have a good time this winter and she will like it better than when she thought she would when she came home for [top p. 3; break in thought?] [illeg] Ira and Cora are at Salt Lake [illeg] time I hope it will do both of them good. [illeg] Violin O I do wish they would play more. Please remember me to her and tell her I send her my love and best wishes. I do hope Thomas and William will learn and will like Miss MacWilliams and you with Mr. Edison will have the very best of times with little Gracey and you [have?] comforts dear Mina by and take good care of yourself and little darling I do hope both you and Mr Edison will keep well and happy all winter, and we will all see each other Christmass and we will have a gay time then. We have not got settled yet the painters are hear yet it seems as though they never will get through . I do hope it will be [illeg] when [illeg] stays most all the time with Mrs [illeg] as she is not very well and the doctor thinks it better for her to be quiet for a little time this moring as we went to [illeg] Sundays school we met she and Mr [Wise?] they had taken [illeg] to [illeg] school she [top p. 1 again]They both seem to like it better than they did ever before. Theodore has commenced [illeg] he thinks he will like it he takes of Miss [illeg] O I wish I could give you and dear little Gracey a kiss now I wish you would k iss her for me and let Mr Edison kiss you for me. Please accept love and best wishes and please give the same to Mr Edison and Thomas and William and dear little Gracey. Good night love from mother and all the rest."




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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