[X018D1AL], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, October 2nd, 1888


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[X018D1AL], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, October 2nd, 1888

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10-5490. "My dear Mina and Mr. Edison: Now I did not mean to crowd Mr Edison so but you [know?] I am always making mistakes I think I must have [illeg] through on in a mistake for that seems to be the only thin I can [do?] well. How do you do this gloom day at least it is hear, it has rained nearly all day it is dark and chilley seems a good like fall. Now I am through my ironing for this week and I thought beofre I commenced mending I mus write a few lines to dear Mina dn tell her how glad I was to receive such a [top p. 2] very nice letter from her Monday morning just as we had finished our breakfast and also one from dear Mamie. I will send it to you and then you can read it. I should try to tell you anything that is in I would miss it so [illegible words] you say good it seems so [long?] that your letters do not go and come faster but I expect they have been [more illeg] [top p. 3]…is very nice for young folks to [travel?] a little while they are free of the cares of house and family dutys. Now dear Cora write me all her letters she is having such a good or nice time, if she just knew how dear little Margaret was she would have such a good time she thinks if shes gets hom with Margaret she will never leave her again. I do think it is very nice to have a good and kind husband to travel with but those dear little darlings what shall we do with them little Margaret was with me all day yesterday and she was so nice she is getting quite well and srong but not able to walk but she can [----] by your knees she is as good as any baby can be but not very strong I do hope dear little Gracey wil be able to walk before she is as old Other little darling how I would love to see her and have a sweet kiss [top p. 4] I am so glad she feels well I think if my darling will [illeg lines] I do hope you will improve more and more every day and this winter they will study and learn a great deal and be little men when spring comes. My darling you will do a grate peace of work if you bring those children where you would like to have them darling I think you bid fare to do it keep up good courage. Watch and pray much and I do think all will be well with you my darling. This is the last day we have Tilly with us but we have two new girls One is Mr Nelson's niece you know Mr Nelso at the Lake. His othe rgirls worked at the Hotel third summer [illeg] they both seem to be good girls but we can hardly tell as they have only been with us a few days. Poor [Emma?] I do feel sorry for her have you got a good girl in [illeg] place it is so hard to get good help. I would hold on to what I had until I new I could better myself sometimes it seems as though we could not do it though I do hope yo uwill soon have a good girl and everything will be as you like. What did you mean about a dress that comes to you through a mistake I do not understand [top p. 5] but my dear if it will not be to much trouble for you I would be glad if you would send that dress you gave me when I was with you Mary will be hear this week and I think it will make her such a good and nice dress and I have no doubt but she will be very glad for it. I have asked [Aunt?] Lucy to come hear to and it may be she will but I do not know when now. If ou could come with little darling how nice it would be don’t you think you can come a little time before Christmas so we can have a vist. Aunt Lucy would be so glad to see you and little darling. O I do hope Mr Edisons remedy for yellow fever will be good what a nice thing it will be if it does prove good. I do hope he and you [illeg] little darling and dear little boy are well and happy I [illeg] give my love and [illeg] to do and also pleas except love and best wishes your self kiss little darling over and over for me tell her I love her kiss the boys for me also [back to top p. 1] please kiss each other for me etc etc."




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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