[X018D1AM], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, October 21st, 1888


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[X018D1AM], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, October 21st, 1888

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10-5494. I expect you are enjoying your pa company to day as it was his intention to spend this day with you whenhe left us last Tuesday afternoon I do hope be with yourselves and dear children are all very well and happy I know if pa is with you you are are happy I have to wonder how dear little Gracey actes when her Grandpa takes her. How is she when strangers take her does does she cry and draw from them or is she willing to go to any one I do hope she go to any one I do hope she will go to any nice person and will play with them. O how I love to see her but time is flying fast and the next time will soon be hear when we shall meet. O I do wish tou could come a little time before Christmass what a short time we will have if you do not but darling do what you think best that wich will be most pleasing to you and Mr. Edison do you thinkyou will go south this winter if you do not you can stay or come hear again later. I thought I would write just a few lines this time as Aunt Lucy is going away to morw eving I think I must be withg her all I can don’t you think it is to bad she goes home so soone her health is very poor but she thinkes she must be home to help to get ready for winter. Willma also tell them I love them to Dear Mina did you and Pa go to Church and Sunday school to day we diid and we have very good talk in both places telling us how to read and what to eat all was good and true it may be I can tell you some time but at present it will take me away form anbout Lucy to long. # I will just write a little now tell you I do love you and yours nad do wish you much love and prosperity always living and trustung in the good right one always others happy by being happy yourself always teaching by word and act the dear lttle ones that you have in charge. My darling I will say good by for this time hoping all are well and you please excepting love and best wishes and please give the same to Mr Edison and please kisss and kiss the lttle darling for me and Thomes and pleae rember me to Miss Mac Williams and al the others, Love form all so all . Lina takes the babes pictre every where he goes every body thnkes is is so pretty . Jennie goes up to the Mantel where it very little while and days I saw little darling she thinkes it is very pretty. Good by love form Mother




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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