[X018D1AN], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, October 28th, 1888


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[X018D1AN], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, October 28th, 1888

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10-5495. How do you do this evning all at home sitting around the fire talking over the Edisones and Mr Gillilands meaness don’t it seem strang that one can be so mean especely one that has been so good to them as Mr. Edison had to him but often it seems the more you do for one the more toroubel they will make you why is it.# Well your pa did enjoy his visit so much he has something very little but to tell us he says that the picture you sent us is not as pretty as lttle Gracy is he thinks he is the babe so clean and smart. We have a nice time when we have both the little lambes to gether what will they do woth each other little Margret seems to like little babes now they have just gone home with her. Ira and Cora have go away and to Theory Bouchmans for they will take little Margaret with them so she has a rids once or twice each day that is very nice for her they arll well and seem quite conteneted , we are all well but I do fell so discourage about girles it seems as thought we never can get good girles any more I hoep if you hve good girles and good help of any lkind tey and keep them for it does not pay yp change if you can possible help it.# Mina dear mamie and Gracy wishe me to ask you what you thought about Marion going in with them to keep house? All the troubl I see is she have to have another teacher as Miss Constans does not want to teach or have the ears of any other ---the girles if dot likes like her school and was contented it was better for her to stay where she was if I had not tolde the girles I would wirte to you about Marion I would not say anything to you about it as I do not think it would beang better for Marion this winter as I do think she is pretty young to go away so far a lone now darling I have mentioned this to you noe you can do as you think think best. Mamie would like Marion to be there before Christmas if she could now it would ne well if you would like to Marion go to wirter the girles and find out all about how it would be they did not say much to me but wanted to know what your pa and I thought about it and if you thought best or good. They wanted me to write to you about it so I I have according to my promise now darling do just as you please or think best. Wekk darling aint it ti bad that each ?? Ach thatvyou bought me is too small will have to send back it is arme holddes that are to small it is very pretty don’t you think so. I do nead one so much, but I think I would like it a llttle better of it was shorter. What do you think about it. Pa thinks not he wants a long one. Eddie and Jennie have just go home from Mrs, Studebaker farewell party of the old house they have grate deal to talk about now I do not think they there bake-- very smart but very larg. They have a very large house and a going to very convienent they think thet ar all well ans send respectes to all of us. We have had rather lively times for a day or tow Saturday was Tharson and Marton, to day it was testimosnal sevivces ir was very nice and good we had very good excercises eveyday it have been very pleasant day take all through, and I do hope my darling wuth her dear family have had a good day bec Jennie us still at Mrs. Rennichs but will ne home Wednesday or Thursday, Well I will say good night hope all of you will have a good nights rest pleas pleas kiss each other for me especely dear little Gracey please give Mr Edison my love and best wishes please give my love and best wishes to Thomie and Willliam and dear little darling Gracey and your dear self




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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