[X018D1AO], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, January 14th, 1889


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[X018D1AO], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, January 14th, 1889

Editor's Notes

10-5574. It is with grate pleasure that I attemp to write these few lines though they may be very poorly done I can asure you they are wordes and lines full of love and good wishes to you my Dear one this is the first time for a week that I havent to write as I have been a little under the weather this morning as I do feel so much better and everything so lovely and beautiful out doors I thought I would try what I could do woth the year. # I received a very kind and loving from you my dear Mina and was glad to hear form you would be glad to be with you to day keeping you a little company if I could but I am afraid would be more bother than good. Bt I will be woith you soone as I can and your pa started this afternon to Conference and he will soone be with you I want Jennie to go with pa but she says not now# Dear jennie has been so good to me well all have but Jennie gave up everything and staid night and she is a good nurse to dear Grace couold leave me neither she is so loving and kind dear child # O what I am trying to say how can I express I can not as all my dear ones are so good and kind I never can tell or express mt thenkes and good wishes for them# I am little tired I will write somw again. # My darling while dear Grace was reading tou kind letter to me this morning I just my self first in your place as I new just you felt I felt as though I could fly to just as I was Daling be cheerful just a little longer and I trust all will be well wth you and happienss and giving all take the palce of sadness and feeling lonely there will bright little eyes and soft little cheeckes and cherry little lipes for you to look at you and for you to kiss and pat O how sweet every think will be I do hope you will have a good time and every thing will bw as you and Mr Edison would like pleas asl Mr Edison to let some of his planning and studying be for a little time and stay with you for now even if you want him it is now keep all you can both be be happy with each other. Dear Mina I miust close this now asI I am you lvong Mother good by ny Darling Mian love to all.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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