[X018D1AP], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, March 1st, 1889


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[X018D1AP], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, March 1st, 1889

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10-5571. I was very much pleased with the very kind letter you me Jennie read it to me and I listened with eager eares to every wordk that was in it and I was so glad to hear that little darling was well and doing so well I how I would love to have her with me to day I feel as though I would love to hold some dear on close to me you have had sucg feelings havent you but all seme so larg and off to other busines and did not have the time to stay with you and If you only had a little darling like little Madeline all would right I know she is as sweet as she can be little darling I am so glad all love her and she is a pet with all I expect is is and must be quite a taks to keep Marion contented and happy for I di think it so hard to be a wanting so long and I can not blane her for wanting so long and I cannot blame her for feeling anxious and want to go Dear child I wish she was with me a little while so she have a change until the time comes for her to sail, O I do feel so anxious a do wish they were over now they are a going but it may be as coal and quiet on the water. Now as any other time but you know we always hear and dread March it is quiet enough to day but I would rather see it blow and storm for how it is always better to have March comes in like a lion and go out like a Lamb but we can not tell how it will be this time as it has been a very usual winter not very cold or stormy all winter I do hope it will be all right on the water and our dear ones will get over safe and in dew time and I do hope they will have a good time after getting there I think It would be well for Marion st stay with Jennie at some Hotel or some other boarding place while Jennie stayed there I do hope willl not one word of trouble in any wat I asked Mammme to not say a wod about money to Jennie but let Pa and your self take care of that I the girles will come come this fall Pa thinks the sum of money little too much and I do but I do not know ant thing what thinfes outhgt to be so I try to keep still and le pa manage that part of the girls being theuer if all will keep still about money I there no trouble it seem the word money startes everyone hear at home I this money what trouble it of tends to make. I often wonder those that have it don’t take better care of it that is why not watch it and see where and how it goes. There is so much defenses on it either Good or bad how careful we ought to be with it and what we say about it for often one word will change everything. Darling you aked me to come and see or stay with you as I would be love some now that is a fact , I will be lonesome but I feels as though your pa like to see or how I am in the middle in the house and Jennie Johney and Theodore and Eddie also miss me when I am away so I think if I can make any impression for the better hear I think I had better stay in little Akron and I will you and Mr Edison with all the little folkes would come here and stay wilth us bring Miss Mac Williams and little boy and little darling and all stay with us and let the girles clean house that is if you are gounf to all over this spring I want to get all throught before Mame and Gracy come so we will not do very much untill late in the summer. I want to have those two roomes for the girles the small rooms for sleeping and the other for a sitting room . I think Johnny and theodore will take the two roomes up on the third flore Mamme says she had such a pretty toliet set that she wanted a pretty room toput in . I do hope they will like there home when they get hear. Dear Mina I would write a letter to Miss Constnace and tell her just how much you want Dot to see or use or have. Tell her every thing and then keep a letter for your self. If you feel a fraid or if Mamme is afraid to have Jennie come there I would wite every thing out just as neat as I could and let Dot give it to the girles and Miss Constnace and Jennie need not say about a word or about money to them. I think it better to let Marion to go now and if she can stay untill Miss Parson can take her I would let her take her and teach her in this County or over there as Marion would like. O dear I am talking what is not my business but Ido hope I have said anything that will make one but of toruble or difference with you planes. I do not want to make any trouble what ever.# well darling I hope Eddie was a good boy and did what you wanted him to do he is getting good most of the time at home but some times when gets away he forgets. I do hope these lines will find you and all just as well and happy as any one can be everything all right please kiss little darlingfor me also kiss each other for me and kiss Marion and the boys for me and please give them my love and best wishes tell the boys I am waiting very anciously for a paper form them. Thoedore says when he has a vacato he will come and help the boys. Please except love and best frend and Mother Ps please writes as often as you can as I love to get your letters they all always cheer me.




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