[X018D1AR], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, July 21st, 1889


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[X018D1AR], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, July 21st, 1889

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10-5531.How is it with you and your family to day I feel it is to larg for you as we don’t any letters from you it as thought your Dear little per ought tto have a little of you time enough of it to hear or have a few times form her Dear Mama. By the time dear Mina I do wonder if the time has seemed as long to you as it have to usjust think it was only a week to day you left us and id seems like a month yes iit sems as though you had not been hear at all some time . I have to wonder what is the matter what have I been doing for the past weeks times and every thing seems so striange to me . I llok it over and call to mindthe pleasant week we had together I feel glad er have that short time to gether if you could have staid longer how good it have been but when I look again I can see how good it was and is you did go home when you did just think of that Dear little Brother suffering for the want of you of your care and attention everythng seemes strange and we not see wht things should be to but after a little patience and thought we can see why it is this and so my dear I do hope my dear ones that are enjoying your lovelyhome amd yours Mr Edison and your society witht dear boys and not keeping you from doing what you wanted to do . So please do not let them do it but let them help you get ready and do what you have to do and you rest all you can . Your little pet is well Eddie and I hgave just comein form taking out in her little carriage andound the lawn . Leana has her now she walked three or four steps all alone today. I think will will walksoone I went up stairs to see her this morning just as she walked up and Lean has her putting on her stocking and shoes neither of them saw me. I stook a long time and watched them Leana is very kind and a good to dear little per. She would ask where is papas babe Madeline whoudl oput her hand on her breast and pat it and the same when asked where Mamas pet was and Leana would ask do you want to see mema and papa and then she look in Leana in the face and laiugh --- want to go right away she would kis Leana and do every thjing to get Leana started. I do not think she ever forget her dear Papa and Mama no no she looks at each picture and kisses? Them . I do hope these few lines will find you well also all the dear ones that are with you. I received those that night dress and will get them. The ---ddi not get hear untill Saturday afternoon. I wish we could hear from each other often. How is dear little theodore I do hope well also all the othere will they all come home before going to the lake . Pa and __Ladadle is there now . This is a lovely day hear. I do hope you will have fine weather while on the water why does jennie not write to me and tell me how all are and hat all are going to do. I would love to hear . O there there is a Locuss singing just now the first to have heard I do hope they will not get --- arounf here, they do a grate deal of damage to everything. Well darling I wll close hoping all are well and happy kiss each other for mother.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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