[X018D1AS], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, July 23rd, 1889


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[X018D1AS], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, July 23rd, 1889

Editor's Notes

I recived your letter of the ninteenth this noonI can asure I was so glad to get the good newes it gave me. I heard dear thoedore and the rest were keeping you form what you readily want to do. Dear Mina if they are the least comfort to you I am glad they wiith you my dear teares come in my own eyes when I thinkand hiw what a hard task you are trying to bare and how ptrath you are with it my dear if I could fly and take this dear little lamb of yours to you how quick I would do it but my I can--- this way but poor e as it is I may give you a little comfort by telling you little darling is well witht the exception of her kidneys do not work just as well as they ought cuases her to fill uip a little the doctoer says he spoke to you a little when you were hear so.dear Mina you will understand what I am trying to tell you she is well and seems to be quite contented but I do think she misses her dear Mama some times yes quite often I am telling this for you want me to and I want you to know also just how she is everyday while you can I think the doctor is very good and will do all he can to help little darling well he asked all about you and thinkes it a very hard task for you leave such a little pet but he thinks both are better than if you would try to take daily with you we all think so Lena and Charly are taking little pet for a a short drive noe Jennie and I took her over to the doctors this noon and took her for a long drive but she does love to ride to morrow she is a going to feell the swans and the duckes in the cemetrary if if it does not rain I do hope she will keep as she is now she eates and sleepes welll and seems contented but she does not like to be a love I can not blame her for that I don’t neither but I have to be good of the time but all are well and enjoying themselves I am all right I am very glad to hear about the fruit it is hard to get nice heat. I am glad dear Jennie is there to help take care of Dear youngest pet I do hope she will soone be as well as ever I do want to see her also all the others you and Mr Edison with the rest of us but that will not be for some time to come but time flys fast . Pa is at the lake yet no one but Eddie and Jennie and oet and my self wirh the guiles. I want to wirite a few lines to Robbie and Louies and our dear little Grandson I telephoned ?? To day they are doing well Louises mother is there I will say good by love and very best wishes to you and all hope to see most of your family soon we are well hope this will find you all the same at you dear ones with many many thankes to you and dear Mr. Ediosn for your kindness to Theordore and the rest of us kiss each other for me little darling sends loves and kisses and kisses to both and all Love mother.




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