[X018D1AV], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, October 25th, 1889


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[X018D1AV], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, October 25th, 1889

Editor's Notes

My dear Darling Mina and Mr. Edison and my dear little pet and Thomas and William dear Boys and all how do you do O how glad I would be it if was so we could all see each other and I could all see each other and I could have a sweet kiss from my little pet it seemed last night after I went to bead I heard her gove one of her little crys that she could have once in a while in the night it seems tha ti can not forget my little pet I do want to see her so much and have a kiss dear Mina you said you believed you could come and stay a while wiith us O how glad I and all of us would be to have you with us then I could have both and could kiss both just when I pleased. We are having quite a time in deciding the Batchelor Button coulerI wish I you could send us what you think it is and do know hoe if Dear Maiime saw any room finished up with that caoer. Jennie thinkes it is a very color to fitt up di you ever see a room in that color I wish you could help us I would love so much to have it pretty and as near as possible as dear Maime would like it just think we have not done any thing at it yet but want to get at it this next week I do hope we can it right Dear Maime it will not be very long beofe she will be with us and dear Gracy to Aunt Alice is with us now and will stay over Sunday Dear Dear woman I do feel sorry for her she feeles so lonely she want to get a lot and Builfd in Washington she likes it there very much Dear Robbie takes her home to Canton they are well but very busy getting ready to move next week they will have plenty of room when you come to spend that seven or eight weeks with us what does Mr. Edison say about you leaving him so long he will come with the boys Christmas for sure willll you bring Madenselle with you I am glad you enioy her comfort and she does well or is good company . I hope she will prove a good true friend to you and and all your dear ones had she heard from her home and received any money of course it is not any of your business really but I can help but think and wonder what she will do if she not get moneyI do hoe she will pay you back the money you spoent for her coming over please do not tell Mr. Edison I have asked these thinges with out you think it propoer I do not want to make any feeliings that is not good and right not do I want my darling decieved in any way nor buy any one. I do wish pa had gone to yourhoem last Sunday ut would have been a present for you to had him go to Church with you pa is not feeling very well and I do hope my Dear Mina is well of her cold also my little pet. We had commenesing last evening it was very good we have a new miinister and a new Elder and we think we will like both very much better well I will stop for this evening and finsh a few more line in the morning good night #please excuse the poor writing and composing and all# Dear Mina how are you and all this morning I hope all is well and the sun is shining in the house or all your heartes if you can not see it out the window as it is you hear we have not seen the sun yet this morning but all but your pa and well pa has a bad cold but he is at the office as usal. We had Ira and Cora and Robbie hear for supper last evening aunt Alice is hear also and will stay over Sunday O how I did wish you and all were with us it was so good to have all the boys at home. It keepes Robbie very busy getting everything fixed he has a grate deal to do Dear boy I do hope he will have good luck and have evert all right it is a grate charge for him . I am glad our Dear ones do gett a long so well with there grate charges they have placed on them it seems as thought they were just the ones for each placve or what they have to do I do not think any one could do any better than my Dear Mina with what she have to do all she needs as to feel contended and pleased with what she does and all is well. I will close hopeing I can have a better pen and can do better next time I try to wirte. Kiss each other for me and kiss that little pet over and over for me and pleas kiss the boys and give my respects to all in your lovely home. I hope all is sun shine in your home all well strong and happy take good care of yout self and Mr. Edison ever yours loving Mother.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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