[X018D1AW], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, November 3rd, 1889


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[X018D1AW], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, November 3rd, 1889

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My Dear Mina and Mrs. Edison, We have just come in from evening preaching we enjoyed the services very much it is the first time I have been out since I come home form your place I felt as thohgh I miust go as the subject was so good I felt very ancious to hear it Highest type of Woman hood was the text we think we have just the minister now the house was crowded everyone like him# I wanted to write theis morning but Ira came in and talked so much I could not write I feel as though I must weite a few lines to you before going to head out and ask you how you and dear Mr.Edison and little pet with the dear boysare if all are well strong and happy I do hope they are we have enjoyed the day and evenig very much first we have seen the lovely sun it have so long since it did shien it was grate delight to us and to helo that we have listened to a very good anad interesting semones and also had a good Sunday school we should bethankful and happy after all of that don’t you think so dear Mina, I will not write a very long letter thins evening I want to weite to dear Maime but I think I will get up a little and write to her we will not have to write many more times to her while she is so far from us font you think we will have a good time when she gets home with us I do she is well and she writes and that she is having a grand good time I do want to see my three dear girles it seems as though I can not wait until Christmas I do hope all will be well and all will be right and we all canhave a good grand time you know we have not going to make presents only to the babes or to the youngest we are only going to visit and get acquainted with each other3 . Dear Mina I ashamed to think I have not sent your trunk home but I have had it in our room for some time hoping I might get something to put untill that will please you but I fear I can not get any thing I will have to send it empy I have sent. Those dressed to Mary she wrote me and said they could not fit better if they had been made for her. She wished me tho thank you for them she is very much pleased with them I thank you to in looking around a little I found one of the boys gossamer Gosmaers I will send it in the trunk I also found a small box of necl ties I don’t know whether they belong to Thomas and William or not I will send them if they are theres all right bit if you do not want them I will take them I will take them and send them out west but darling do what you think best with them. I thank you so much for the use of the trunk I will get it all rigjt and it will get it all right and it I will be hear soone again with you soone thinges in it. O how I would love to see that little pet O I do want tio see her I do hope she will remember all of us and this place I will be so glad if she does kiss her and over for we and tell her I love her over and over for me and tell her Iove her think of her every day and all the time kiss Mr. Ediosn and the dear boys for me also please tell Mr. Edison I thank him for hos love and kind wihes I wish I could do something worthy of his love and repect. Welll darling I said I would r write only a short letter . I must stop or you will wish I would . Please exept my love and my best wishes please remember me to all . I am glad you had a good visit with Miss ThirsRs ? This is Monday morning and it looks like a ltlle lite it woulld be a pleasant day I do hope it will for wahing and everything seems so much better if we have sunshine how do you get along with your wahings now I hope the Roches are all gone at and everything is lovely at your beautiful home I hope love and prosperety maby fill your home dear Mina tell me any thinjg I can help you in the other day I was looking in my drawers and I found that dear little petts little buttons Shall I send them to you or keep them until you come O how I would to see my little pet and you what do think of me just see this long schratched letter good by ever your loving mother ## . Dear Mina will ask Mr. Edison if we can the phonograph by our dynamo with out chariing the motor. Well Mina I suppose you are glad to get back home and see your baby we had lots of fun wth her this summer.Well good bye John # good night kiss each other for me and kiss the little pet ever loving Mother






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