[X098C003], Letter from William Joseph Hammer to Edward Hibberd Johnson, December 29th, 1888


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[X098C003], Letter from William Joseph Hammer to Edward Hibberd Johnson, December 29th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Mr. Edison together with the various interests bearing his name have decided to make an elaborate display of Mr. Edison's various inventions together with displays illustrating their commercial development &c. It is proposed to exhibit a complete 3 Wire Central Station Plant, which will be sued to light the Edison sections of the Exhibition, a Municipal plant, the Multipolar Dynamo, Direct Current Transformer, ThermoElectric Generator & Motor, Disc Dynamom, Indicating & regulating apparatus, model meter department complete together with plans, maps, photographs & c all the above will be in the department devoted to elecrtric lighting & I only specify some of the features of this section to convey an idea of the completeness with which we hopt to arange each section devoted to telegraphic work telephone & phonographic work, as well as other departments of Mr. Edison's work. Certain material apparatus wil be required from Mssrs Bergmann & Co for the lighting up of the Edison exhibits for use in connection with the various apparatus & it is suggested that all such material required from Mssrs Bergmann & Co. which shall be returned in good order shall be loaned free of charge & all materials necessary which cannot be returned shall be furnished at cost. I enclose herewith a list of the material required for the 3 wire & municipal plan & will forward you at once a memo of the material required for filling up the [model?] meter [illeg] Regular requisitions for any of this material will be sent B & Co at once upon receipt of advices from you that such an arrangement can be effected, in this connection I desire to state that the Machine Wks, Lamp Co., Mr. Edison's Laboratory & others have put their heart co-operation to this work & matters as far as they are concerned are progressing nicely. In closing I wish to impress upon you the absolute necessity of [-----] upon this as a large portion of this material must be ready between the 15th & 31st of Jan 1889 for shipent." "PS Estimating roughly the value of the material in enclosed memorating is between four & five thousand dollars including hwat is required for the meter department estimating at the nett catalogue prices furnished by Bergmann & Co. ### Approximately 15% of this will be perishable material that is unsuited for returning after Exposition is over. ## N.B. Probably this whole stock could be disposed of in Europe at a fiar figure after the Exposition is over. It runs from May 4th to Oct 26 [89]"




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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