[X098C009], Letter from William Joseph Hammer to Samuel Insull, January 5th, 1889


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[X098C009], Letter from William Joseph Hammer to Samuel Insull, January 5th, 1889

Editor's Notes

Yours of the 4th received. Sine that time the Laboratory & buildings have been thoroughly searced for the "Disc Dynamo" without success & all parties here delcare it never arrived & must be in Schenectady. The delay in sending you the requisitions was caused by Mr Upton's absence in New England for over a week I had them made out but could not send them till they went through the Lamp Cos books & they would do nothing in his absence, there was originally a short delay in the securing the necessary requisition book &c. The official date given me by the Commissioners for first shipments was Jan 15th '89 they now inform me it will be about the 1st of Feb ere the first lot is sent. I am exceedingly anxious to commence shipments at that time as there is so much to be sent & the time is so limited & I must myself leave here late in Feburary. I trust you appreciate fully the necessity of crowding these matters at Schenectady. I think your suggestions about forwarding direct to steamer from Schenectady very goo & wish only that prior to packing myself or Mr Crosby may be allowed to look it over & make the [cases?] & place official U.S. tickets on same, the only material I had thought of having sent to the laboratory was the sections of [wiring?] & possibly some other small things. Mr Upton told me of your idea about the Ore Milling Machine & I presume the English Machine will answer nicely, although Mr Ott seemed to think it very rough. Bye the way have you communicated as you proposed with the British Patent Office Museum for the loan of the Edison Phonograph &c in their possession &c I thout I would call it to your mind. I enclose a sketch showing how I propse to illustrate the Underground tubeing it represents a large junction box in the center & four small juncitons or catch boxes at the corners & all connected together with tubing, the drewsing is to scale & on account of lack of space we shall have to remove the stubs & run the 30 ft. lenghts intot he boxes you will note at "A" ther is an entrance constructed of tubing & carrying a chandelier the catch boxes will set into the flooring a little & the tubing be set into the flooring on a line with floor between the lenghts as shown at "B." "C" & "D" are tables & a rack for tubing (as per enclosed sketch to carry full lenghts of all size of tubes) "E" represents handsome glass show case containing wires, flexible cords tape &c manufactured by your Co. the two tables wil contain the samples of junction boxes all styles, safety catches, flexible couplings cross sections of tubing, samples for handling in small case samples of non induction telephone & telegraph cables as shown at Franklin Institute &c &c. I hope also to show a small model illustrating distribution from a central station, there will also be portfolios containing plans, blue prints &c of Central stations &c,. It is proposed to make the Electric Lighting Section complete in every particular. I shall be pleased to explain these matters more fully if necessary at any time Trusting this will be pushed with all possible speed





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