[X154A7CX], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Edward Hibberd Johnson, May 31st, 1888



"I find yours of 5/28 on my return to the city from a trip South. ## A stockholder in the Parent Company who has stock costing him up %% in the thousands makes a very serious charge against the management of the Parent Company and specifies two collusive contracts with a man who was then or has been since a Director and under these contracts a large sum of money has been paid out that should have been saved to the Stock-holders. ## Being a stockholder myself, I asked for a copy of the Contracts and am informed that it is not a proper subject for stockholders to know about. ## I then asked for a list of the Directors, and you now inform me that I am endeavoring to mix up Electric Light and Phonograph matters. ## I am so excessivly stupid as not to see any connection between the two..... ## This Gentleman went evern farhter tha I have mentioned, and stated that he had heard that on one occasion when the Board desired to find something besides assessments for the stockholders and talked about modifying one of these contracts that a man who was then a Director informed a member of the Board that if his contract was interfered with he would break up the Company and that in pursuance of those threats and for fear he would break up the Co. and start a new one thereby entailing heavy loss, the contract was allowed to stand. ## I ahve not desire to embarass or to annoy you personally....








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[X154A7CX], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Edward Hibberd Johnson, May 31st, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


May 31, 1888