[X154A7DY], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Josiah Custer Reiff, September 3rd, 1888


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[X154A7DY], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Josiah Custer Reiff, September 3rd, 1888

Editor's Notes

"I recd your letters last week at West Chester PA. I don't know of anything 'to confer' about! ### L[ippincott] has bot of Gilliland & Cheever the old Phono Co for $45,000. They can't believe!!!! I have put nothing in their way except to buy littl more old Phono stock. I have not opposed it from sale. I offered to give it to Edison see if he would put his finger on one single set of mine hostile to him! Why should he be 'violent' on me? L has spent last 3 months trading with Gilliland & Cheever! & now he is whining because he is getting nothing from what they sold h im! Is that my fault? ###Ediosn sold me the Phono' & I paid him *more than the agreement!!* If he wants to sell it to someone else why dont he come & see me first! ### A man goes to Johnson to ask about teh Phono & Johnson tells him the truth!! & Edison [goes?] violent at him! does he want Mr J[ohnson] to lie? Or prevaricate? if he does he doesnt know his man! ## I am ready to confer when there is anything to confer on. I have done nothing to regret. I have simply done nothing, nor has M Edisonn asked me to do anything he don't confer with me but lets a toad sit at his ear to whisper his dirty tales & suggest ways & means to put money in his pocket that are not wise. I expect to be in NY [illeg]"






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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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