[X154A8AO], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Uriah Hunt Painter, March 8th, 1889



The enclosed explains itself. I have had a talk with Bergmann & convinced him that your phrase "a Jew" meant nothing more than if addressed to Reiff or myself. He is therefore in better humor and though very sore will I think be readily pacified by you when you can find it convenient to come on & have a personal interview. As to your several assertions in the the letter to Col Reiff It strikes me that a good deal of it has for its object only the avoidance of responsibility of deciding what Reiff should have--& putting it upon some one else. On any other ground your remarks cannot be justified I am certainly not a claimant on Mr Bergmann for any portion of the money he made in the transaction. Neiehr did I agree to arbitrate the matter between Reiff & Bergmann. I did say that had the matter been left to me I could have got more than Reiff could get himself as I would have left it to Bergmanns natural generosity when he invariably responds liberally but Reiff spoiled all this by maing a claim and being too free with his tongue-- To tell you the truth I think that Reiffs part in the transaction was neither of advantage to Bergmann or you. And tthat anything that B you or I give him is upon other grounds than services rendered--& yet you know that I was--& am--willing to give him $5000. But I am not willing to ask another to do what I would do myself under the circumstances Every man pays debts of this kind in his own way & by his own means My case--my obligations to Reiff are not Bergmann's-- Nevertheless Bergmann has just said to me that if I say so--& Reiff is [missing text] if he is not satisfied He will not pay him anything more than giving the thrwoing away of 1000. I will see Reiff & get his views But you know what they are I have no doubt He thinks He did it all & that consequently B owes him at least half the profits the fact remains however that B risked his money & has lost a good deal in consdquence of this whole Phonograph transaction As I have-- Edison & Villard have pooled their issues against me and all propositions now made by them to me are on one line viz: Forcing me out by taking from me the contract of the Rwy Co My only defence against them is the support I receive from DM&Co Bergmann is coupled with me and Insull is spending his time & the money of B& Co in extraordinary efforts to cripple Bergmanns new business-- All this comes directly from the Phonograph deal & I do not think Bergmann at all unliberal if He thinks the money he has made has been too hard earned to justify him in giving it up on a slim consideration Do you? Yours truly E H Johnson








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[X154A8AO], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Uriah Hunt Painter, March 8th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University