[X154A8BC], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Sigmund Bergmann, March 12th, 1889


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[X154A8BC], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Sigmund Bergmann, March 12th, 1889

Editor's Notes

Dear Mr. Bergman:-- I enclose herwith two specimens of work made today on the new type writer in my presence. I think it is going to sweep the deck. It is almost noiseless, and the work as you will see which is done by a copper type wheel, is as clean cut as thought it came from a printing office. The party who owns it has it ina stock Company of 30,000 shares of which 27,000 have been sold at prices varying from 75 cts to $8.00 per share. They have been working on it for three years, and have a machine shop on a small scale run by a gas engine. They have not yet made a machine in all respects fit to furnish to a manufacturer to commence building them from, but from what I have seen of it today I am satisfied that they can be made for about $25.00. and leave you a profit of $10. I have asked them for a proposition to cove the manfaucture and sale. They promise to give me one in a few days but I should like you to see the machine. I belive it will drive the Remington out of the field. The inventor of course has got a big head, and that has so far kept him from getting it on the market, but none of the stock holders have taken it in charge andcame to me about it today. I replied to them that I had a firend in New York who understood thee things and who had recently been in negotiations for a somewhat similar machine with some Conn. Parties but I thought this was a better machine. They have three or four entirely novel tings about it. The most importamt new thing is a simple piece of mechanism by which the paper is shifted after every key is struck a length according to the width of the letter whichhas just been struck. I think you had better come over here and see it and decicd how far we had better go to control it at once, and then to decide if you caould not complete this work quicker and at less expense in N.Y. than for them to continue their shop here. Please answer by return mail if you will come, as I belive ther is a mint of money in it if it can be got on the right terms.





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