[X154A8BN], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Sigmund Bergmann, April 7th, 1889


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[X154A8BN], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Sigmund Bergmann, April 7th, 1889

Editor's Notes

Yours of 4, 3, to hand.##There is nothing for me to sign in the papers which you enclose, nor do I see what there was for Mr. Johnson to sign, as he was not an officer of the Company.##I still think that the time has not yet come for putting the enterprise into a stock Company. I have a very important matter in reference to the stock company which I had expected to have got in a shapre to hafe submitted it to you before this, and am liable to get it ready at any day.##I do not see why your name is not as good without the Company attached to it as it is with, and belive that just as much business can be done and in just as good shape for the present.##There really has been nothing for me to come over about, unless it was to discuss the question of a stock company.##There are a good many reasons why I do not think the time has come for Mr. Johnson to be openly identified with it. Just now his hands are so tied that he could not do anything, anyway, and it might be a drawback to him until he gets some of his own matters out of purgatory.##I am very glad that you got the Reiff matter wound up, os he is satisfied.##There is nothing whatever that I could do about the physical part of the enterprise if I was there, as I do not know enough to even criticise what you have done, let alone make any suggestions for the work.##This letter is ended for you only, and not for Mr. Johnson.##While there is nothing in it that I would object to him knowing what I have said, yet I find that he is very sen[s]itive about his present status with the Edison Light Co. & c., and I do not want to do anything that will make any embarrassment for him, or enable him to say that this enterprise is annoying him in any manner, as I know that Edison is extremely bitter in ference to it, and Insul will spend a great deal of money to injjure it, and just now it is very important that Mr. Johnson should not have either of them make any more trouble for him in the Sprague matter than he can help, no I think that, take it all in all, the best thing to do is to keep your name at the head of the concern and the interests of Caldwell or any others that you want to provide for can be taken care of just as well later on.







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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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