[X154A8BP], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Edward Hibberd Johnson, April 10th, 1889


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[X154A8BP], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Edward Hibberd Johnson, April 10th, 1889

Editor's Notes

Will you please send me a statement, or letter addressed to me as President of the Phono co., and state that certificate No. 73 dated Novr. 23, 1878 issued to you for 500 shares of stock has been lost by you, without having been assigned, and you desire a new certificate isued in lieu of it, and agree to indemnify the Co. against any loss caused by the reissuing of the certificate if it should ever turn up in the hands of a third party so they can hold the Co. for its value.$$I want to get this business straightened up as soon as possible.##I have received a very curious letter from J.C.R., who is as hard up today as he ever was, between Barny's telephone and a so-called copper mine in N.J. they just keephim poverty stricken and wild all the time. I have paid him $2,500. on your account which is $5. for $1. that you borrowed from him. Do you recollect what your share of the sale of the old automatic for a million of cash was to have been? As I want he should make for his loan of 500. more than was allotted to you for your time and labor in the Auto.##If he comes after you again, don't make him any promisses of any kind whatever, and if he wants any information about your business or mine, refer him to me, as I am sure I am the only one who can furnish him information.##Bergman has paid him $3,000. in cash making $5,500. that he has received in all and if it has been $55,000. he would be in precisely the same condition today.##Last summer when there was a achance to have turned any thing into money that had a opper name to it he could have gotoff the N.J. fake and realized a considerable sum of money, but he would not do it and today real copper mines producing copper aer unasilable and likely to be.##I will soon be wound up here and be over in N.Y. to stay awhile. Yours truly,




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