[X154A8DS], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Edward Hibberd Johnson, December 29th, 1889


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[X154A8DS], Letter from Uriah Hunt Painter to Edward Hibberd Johnson, December 29th, 1889

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My Dear Mr. Johnson:-- Yours of 12, 28, to hand, also the letter sent me by Mr. Mason, the signature to which I cannot make out.##It was evidently written by some one especially for my benefit.##Had he known more he would not have assumed to make the statements he has, or indulged in insinuations that are entirely unwarranted.##He appears to be some one who has been put in charge of your books.##When he states that I have 100 shares of your Sprague stock, he has been misinformed.##When he states that you are in a condition today, or ever have been to receive any financial injury from me, dead or alive, he states that for which there is not now any warrant, nor ever has been.##So far as he is concerned, or any one to whom you chose to put in charge of your affairs is concerned, they are at liberty to cancel any supposed indebtedness to me which may appear upon your books, and to eliminate me entirely as a factor in your affairs.##At the earliest possible moment that I can with a proper regard to your interests and my own, I will close up everything of the nature of a financial transaction that there has ever been between us.##If I remain on this side of the earth another year, you will get a great deal of money that you do not expect to and have no legal claim on.##If I am called away, arrangements have all been made that will amply protect you, and even more.##If at any time after I am able to wind up matters you are not satisfied with the result, you have only to signify what you desire.##This "unknown" is the fifth man who has undertaken to carry me down with a brick-bat on account of my short-comings to you.##There are perfectly good reasons, some of which are known to you, and others are not, why at this time I cannot be crowded to do that which is against my judgment.##The only instance in which I allowed myself to be pushed from my judgment by pressure put on me day and night for days I made a mistake and threw away a position that would have realized several hundred thousand dollars, and so I think I am justified in handling this matter to suit my belief as to the best policy, especially as I have already paid you more than You in writing decided that you should have after I walked in to the trap that had been set for me.##I do not want to reflect upon your or any one else, because I believe all were sincere in expressing the opinion that the course adopted was teh proper one for your interests.##It turned out that it was not, and I propose to remedy some of the errors that have been made.##The first moment that I can get the papers in my possession that I have a right to have, and in a position to force their delivery I will bring things to a focus.##In the mean time harsh criticism may annoy but will not deter me from the course that I have laid down, nor from rendering you any assistance pecuniary or otherwise at any time.##I know of nothing that should allow you to be disturbed in the relations that have always existed between us and there will not be if I can help it. Yours truly






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