[X154A8DT], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Uriah Hunt Painter, December 30th, 1889



My Dr U.H.P. Your favor at hand and I can only say that what you term harsh criticism is nothing more than a strongly expressed desire to know on what kind of ground I am standing. Do you know any one else in the world situated as I am who would under like circumstance be more trustful & less restive than I have been? My true friend suddenly becomes powerless and my jealous rivals dominate affairs my grip on things is now just in propotion to my independent strength Is it strange therefore that I seek to know what that is. You care calm & serene in the knowledge of your own intentions--but the record shows me largely in your debt--and in Wall St it is the record that determines things I ask you to interpret the record for me, you twist my request every time to a doubt of your intentions or your liberality. I must be a strange character when after all these years I can only command at a crucial moment the confidence of new friends. I don’t know what you are doing-- I don’t want to know but I can tell you one thing you can count on viz: If you are depending on getting anything in the way of papers or otherwise out of Insull that you cannot legally compel him to give up you will get left. He is absolutely incincere and dishonets--and has made 200,000 out of this business at the expense of men who trusted him. He will serve Edison a like trick before he gets through with him-- Apparently it is that sort of moral character that your friend Villard & my friend Edison values the highest A man who at his own risk endeavors to keep them on hones tlines finds himself at a discount at once I have measured up Henry very carefully of late and I will wager you that the second fall will come & will be greater & more premanent than the first His weakness is an indisposition to look into the details of any transaction Yours Truly E H Johnson








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[X154A8DT], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Uriah Hunt Painter, December 30th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University