[D8802ABY], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Sigmund Bergmann, November 23rd, 1888


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[D8802ABY], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Sigmund Bergmann, November 23rd, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Your letter received. I have never yet said anything that I would not say to your face. 1st, I never said that I had made you rich. I never used that sentence in connection with any of my associates who have got rich. The person who says I did tells you falsely. 2nd. I have told you what I thought of you to your face and never any addition to this statement has been made behind your back. 3rd. You never had legal or moral right to the new phonograph or to manufacture it. I took up this subject in my own Laboratory, paid for all the experiments and now manufacture it myself. 4th. No encroachment on the understanging regarding division of work between the three shops has ever come to my knowledge. 5th. I have never tried to control your compan; have the same shares now that I had a year ago and no more; have not furnished a cent or helped by loan any other to get control don't want control I consider it the some of cheek to tell me that I am or ever was suspicious of you in running the Company, when I have never been there in two years or made any inquiry whatsoever, although a 1/4 owner; this action refutes any statement you make. ### I have always done everythign to help every one of the boys; I have always been glad they were getting wealthy; the more they made the better it pleased me; I am glad you are well fixed; would not do a thing to prevent you making money; all the money you have made yourself by your ability; that you had a chance to exercise that ability was due to me; you have been worked up to a state of dam foolishness by your enemies, of which you have a very choice and extensive collection. ### Your action with Lippincott cannot be defended on any known ground of commercial usage and is a thing which will in the future be a source of regret to you. You are too fierce to make money. Whereas, your standing in the city where you live and die should have been your first consideration and money afterward."





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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