[FM001ABG], Letter from Jane Eliza Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, March 21st, 1889


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[FM001ABG], Letter from Jane Eliza Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, March 21st, 1889

Editor's Notes

11-6079. "Hotel Normandy" Mar. 21 1889 Dear Mina, Well we are at last settled very comfortably in this little hotel very near "Binda." We went first to the "hotel Continental" as it is the largest hotel in Paris and [Mr. Smith's?] people (whom we met on the steamer) were going there and asked us to go with them and as Marion wanted to ge we went for a few days. We looked at Binda's for rooms--he charged from [Thursday to Thursday?] five francs a day for those small rooms we had you remember. ["Chatteau"?] they would not give you pension rates now. This hotel we pay about three dollars and forty cents a day--everything included--except gin.This rate will only last until the middle of April, then my [thing? Duty?] goes up on account of the Exhibition. The girls are as [smes?] as [me?]--We took dinner with them the night we came last Sunday, they met us at the station. Yesterday we took lunch with them. I went with them to their music lesson and was pleased to hear how sweetly they sang.##They speak French very well--You had better talk with Father about their staying another year. They feel that they are just started now. They know Paris better and they intend to pay but three dollars a day next year for they can get a cheaper apartment. They are now in most expensive part of Paris but when they took the apartment they did not know there was much difference. They want to stay very much.##They say they are going to make a [great?] fuss for Mr. Edison when he comes--from what they said they [invited?] to [fun? Fair? Free?] dinners, etc. Now, don't you think it would be nice and also a benefit to the girls to be of your party a while at least when you are in Paris. It would be a [great?] opportunity for them and as they speak French very well it would be pleastant for you, seems to me--we were talking about it and I told them to [will? Wait?] and ask you or tell you but they said no, Mina must invite them on her own accord--for fear you will not think of the benefit it might be to the girls I mention it. Of course you do as you please--you will undoubtedly meet the [hyweer?] people in France. They stop at the same hotel with you and when there is an occasion when your party is invited they will be included [how? Now?] it is understood they are in your party. As you are sofond of them I thought you would want them to have all the advantages possible.##Now we are settled in our room. I think we will get to sight seeing. Marion is very anxious to go to Nice. I think it is almost too far and I fear an expensive trip for us to take. We will go to Tour[?]--and Rouen[?] for they are only two hours ride on the train from Paris.##We are getting along very nicely indeed--I like Marion very much and I hope coming to Europe will not spoil her. I wish our girls could go with Mrs. Earl for a [winter?] Perhaps if they don't stay next winter they can come [over?] the last winter. Marion is here and [trant?] with them. Grace is not [home?]. Most every day on the whole it was a beautiful voyage. Our room was very comfortable indeed. It was not so close and [mean?] as in [summer?] the table was excellent, splendid dinners. We sat at the captain's table and well treated by everybody--I forgot to tell Mother about the voyage and I wish you would [maill?] it to her. We are very well indeed--the girls were to come in this evening but they sent word they were too tired. They are coming tomorrow to [take?] as to the studio where mame works. With ever so much love, Jennie




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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