[FM001ABH], Letter from Jane Eliza Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, June 18th, 1889


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[FM001ABH], Letter from Jane Eliza Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, June 18th, 1889

Editor's Notes

11-6070. ["Hotel Britanic"; Spa, Belgium] It seems from the remark I made in the letter to Marion the other day a copy of which I think Mame sent to you) annoyed Miss Brigham and she took me a letter asking me to wait until I was sure of guilt before giving sentence. The remark was that I did not think Miss Brigham had done right. The letter I sent Marion is all I have written on the subjectexcepting a letter I took Miss Brigham apologizing for asking her to come here. Her reply is that was very kind and nice. Since all this I realize you might accuse me of not doing right in leaving Marion in Paris with a stranger without writing to you about it. I did not before see it as I do now. Mame tried to have me see that I should have written. I talked to marion and said all I could but she would remain, and stay at the hotel. I [wrote?] her to telegraph you but she did not seem inclined but wrote you. I told marion I would not be responsible for her staying and she said all right. I helped her get Miss Brigham and we heard of her through Mrs. Earl. Had I not felt she was a good person I would not have left Marion. She was to stay with Marion in Paris and take her to the places outside of Paris and the [Few?] places Marion had not seen in the City which was [Few?]. I had taken her to my place, she would go except the morgue, and the Goblin tapestry factory. I would taken her to the places outside of Paris but the weather was so very bad up, is the time it was decided the girls should come to spa and then marion wished to remain while we [meanwhile?] felt it would be all the better for the excursions as the Parks etc. would be in full beauty. I did all I could for Marion and tried to have her see everything. She, however, did not seem to have much interest in seeing things--She enjoyed shopping and [drawing?] in the park. She did a [grat?] of shopping. I did but little until the last two weeks I was in Paris--[I must wish?] Marvin gladly tried to advise her about her shopping but also would not listen until it was late and then she regretted she had not at the beginning. She had spent all of her income up to Sept when I left and I presume by this time it is more I tried to do for Marion as I would for a sister and had I not felt an interest in her and for yours and Mr. Edison's sake I would not have care as much as did how she spent her money or what she did. I think I never tried harder to always be kind and do what we one wanted me to do more than I have on this trip. I know as well as any tody I am not the most [amiable?] person that ever was but I think every thing considered Marion and I got along very nicely together and she does me a wrong thing when she says she was unhappy with me. She often said she was happy with me and thought we got along well. I think Marion can be a very lovable girl but the moment you disagree with her she can be very harsh and severe. I [tell?] you because I feel I ought to acknowledge my [reasons?] in not writing you after of our doings whether you wish me or not. Up to now I could not see it as Meme & Grace saw it. Experience teaches one a great deal. I hope you will [overlook?] my error and not blame me too much. When we left Marion over there [weeks?] ago she was to join us here or in Brussels in four weeks. Everything seemed the pleasant[est?] I wrote her twice and she once to me when we telegraphed asking Miss Brigham if Marion was willing to come here [then?] We went to see the doctor yesterday--he says mame ought to remain and wants her to stay home at least three weeks longer. We are looking for Mrs.[Hintyzelman?] she was to stay with Mary and I wish Grace go to Paris and get Grace ready for college, as she then could have working of the kind to do great help going home [?] We felt she would on time. Now since Mary must stay there much may change and Grace stay here and study with Mrs. Hietzelman and get ready for home the last thing. Whe we made the former plan we were counting on about ten days in Paris and Mary ten days longer here. We have telegraphed mrs. Heitzelman but have not heard from her yet. It may end she cannot come. I was planning on sailing for home the 6th of July on the "champaign" French line. I expected to be home by this time and would I presume had not [[Marion?] felt she must have the summer for herself. We fully intended telegraphing dear little Madaleine on her birthday, spoke of it the niht before and again that night but it was then to late for us to go out--we regreted it very much. I know she looked sweet and you all had an elegant time. Mother has told some about it but you write and tell us more I look forward to [wish?] a great deal of pleasure in helping to take [---?] little darling while you are over here. I hope you will have a good time. I suppose they will show you and Edison a great deal of attention in Paris. Do you expect the girls to be with you any in Paris in [trane?] with you? If you do I would write to Mame about it. Grace I suppose will sail for thome the first of April and if she part off her shopping she will be obliged to be in Paris from the middle of August any way. We all feel you have not written to us very much. Of course I appreciate all you have to do and know your time is well occupied. I am writing to over look it so long as I know you feel kindly toward me. Spa is getting to be very gay--our hotel is filling up very fast, up to last Friday there were but six persons with ourselves. We enjoyed the quiet--they have a nice yard and a beautiful vegetable garden and we enjoy going about, it seemed like the country. We all send love-- lovingly, Jennie




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