[LB012095], Letter from Samuel Insull to Edward Hibberd Johnson, April 19th, 1882


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[LB012095], Letter from Samuel Insull to Edward Hibberd Johnson, April 19th, 1882

Editor's Notes

By this same mail I send you two unmounted photographs one of the locomotive & car and the other of our present locomotive & car.##The later photograph was taken yesterday together with a number of [other] photographs of the road. But today there has been no sun & it has been raining all day & instead of having two complete sets of photographs one set mounted to be sent by express to you and the other set unmounted to be mailed to you I have only this solitary photograph to send you with the photo of the old road which was taken long ago.##[Now] there is another mail going tomorrow at 2 30 (S.S. [Cambria] Via Plymouth)O & I may have some more ready then to send you. On Saturdays steamer (S. S. City of Rome) I shall send you two sets if the weather favors us - one by mail unmounted - one by express mounted which I hope you will get in time. Anyway you will see we are doing our best to get the photographs to you by the time required.##Now a few lines as to the road. Hughes has finished all but about 1100 ft of it & when this is done it will be 2 3/4 miles long including three sidings & two turn tables: The [grade] is about 25 ft to the mile. we find that we can attain any speed required. We have run it [35] miles an hour with a load of [39] piled on the car and engine & Hughes frequently takes a load of about six tons of material for use in construction at the same rate. The locomotive weighs about four tons & I think [Larson] said it will develop 25 horse power. You will notice on the photograph that the Insulator Hub of the wheel comes out well & from this you can explain some of the connections. The [----] of two of the wheels forms one pole & the two other wheels and the other base forms the [other] [pole] we are [----] having built a freight Locomotive and [two] freight cars each one to carry four tons. As soon as these are ready the [remaining] test will be made.##Edison is sick in bed with a terrible cold - too sick to attend to any kind of business - or [case] I would get him to give me a letter to you on this subject. He has been in bed for over a week & [now] Mrs. E refuses to let anyone talk business to him so I have to run things as much on my own responsibility as when he was in Florida. Doctor says he will be all right again in a few days.##You ask when will the [first] [District] be [started]. The Seventh Bulletin sent you by this mail will give you some information I think the station will be started inside of three months certainly not before##It has just struck me that it would be a good thing to send you photographs [within] the [Se-] [P-old] Edison Electric Rail road Interference. These may be useful also Clarkes pamphlet.##Cannot write more now or will miss mail




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