[LB012105], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Charles Batchelor, April 19th, 1882


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[LB012105], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Charles Batchelor, April 19th, 1882

Editor's Notes

I beg to confirm cables as follows. From you March 27, 82 Adbomins health good he is life of business contract will be sent do you want all patents taken in your name.##From you March 28. Mail immediately [six] of all sizes tops used by Bergmann for [screw] machine wire.##From you March 30. Are you making dynamos for two hundred lamps at all and when ready.##To you March 30. Can ship ten two hundred light dynamos fob twelve hundred dollars cash within fifty days. Take all patents my name##To you April 1, 82 [Cars] I oblong ([arp----w] adjourn [(Societe Industrial et Companie ----)] [about] [twenty] ($3000) shipments [--- a----] (Bergmann & Co and Adams) (The Edison Lamp Co)##From you April 2. Draft tomorrow##From you April 2. Send [a---] ([5000)] each Lamp and Socket screws immediate. tell Upton send cocks##To you April 3, 82 Martin Force wife sick probably not live many months she wants him home immediately.##To you April 4, 82. Drew Spayors sigh account Porjes March twenty fourth under ambush (300) pounds. April first [under] [Animal] (1900) cars make ambusch (250) light dynamos [bathing] take (1350) f.o.b. within fifty days. Shall we fill adjoining (Societe Electrique Edison) orders for four Ambulance (200) light dynamos with these saving in investment fifty [----] per lamp##From you April 5, 82 Are two hundred fifty dynamos for a lamp all your [-usis] are much too high [---] for central stations hurry central station dynamo [drawings] dont draw any more Speyors ordering [Wallerstein] to pay [---] against invoice and bill of lading Societe Electrique To you April 3. [This] for A lamps Do you want Cunningham Can send him for few months##From You April 6. Our people afraid prices ana[ltmy] (1200) lights by large dynamo much cheaper than six ambulances (200) with engine boiler shafts they understood [ambsitang] (200) was [bastile] (1000). From [abach] (E. H. Johnson) have explained but want know net cost.##To you April 7, 82 Six per indicated with small machines seven half with large lathes [diminish] immensely [-ost] real extate attendance depreciation Price given Abash (E. H. Johnson) error make no ambulance (200) only [ambucads] (200 actual cost bastile L1000) on large orders sixty light machines cost nine dollars while ambucad (250) only five fivey plus light general expenses principal factor cost.##From you April 8. Send Cunningham first Steamer How much does he want want him twelve months.##To you april 8, 82. Cunningham receives labor (56) here will go for six for twelve months [any---] quickly.##From you April 9. Send Cunningham first steamer.##To you April 9. Thinks Cunningham should stay here about two weeks enable him get full details tools all sizes dynamos [48]##From you april 10. No. send him now and drawings of all after.##To you april 10. If Large dynamos wanted order now as can build with other orders cheaper than later and built alone##To you April 18 82. Mailed bills showing balance [gasket] [-andy] against adjourn Please remit. Will accept order large and ambuscade dynamo. Cunningham sails Saint Germain.##Cunningham for family reasons was unable to sail until today. He takes with him a number of drawings of special tools & machinary obtained from [--usk] Street. I shall hope to send you more later on. I will send you by Saturdays mail full list of the drawings he has taken.##No drawings have even been made for 250 light Dynamo that is except rough shop sketches. A standard machine is now being tested. As soon as this is done I will have a set of drawings made for you##As to the drawings of the Central Station Dynamo so many changes have been made that it is found necessary to make an entirely new set. I am promised these in two weeks. I will send them as soon as I get them.##[P---] is the 125 Light machines which has not reached condition for us to send drawings. Then there is a [25] light machine. I will [have] drawings got out of this





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