[LB012382], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Charles Batchelor, May 23rd, 1882


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[LB012382], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Charles Batchelor, May 23rd, 1882

Editor's Notes

I beg to confirm cable as follows##From you May 2, 82. German contract only gives six percentum actual to European this too small and Puskas and I agree that continental must have royalty besides of franc per lamp.##From you May 2, 82. Send immediately Hamburg six hundred sockets with and four hundred without cocks.##From you May 2, 82 Send quarter ton commutator copper Z dynamo.##To you May 5. Have not received remittance account adjourn. Send money urgently wanted Have cables Puskabaily [baring] [settlement] German contract [item] and [young] [slow].##From you May 6. Send drawings of Eighteen light machine receipt antifriction metal armature [tape] wide and know automatic feed brush wires straightened##From you May 9. Send immediately Tube Company list cannot make an estimate at all.##From you May 11. Suffering for men send me three men at Six hundred francs and expenses per month.##To you May 11. Do you require Isolated men or workmen for shop. Almost impossible send Isolated why not hire men from Siemens Berlin who make arc light installations little practice would fit them.##From you May 12. Where are socket servers##To you May 17. Shipment [amm] (5000) cape [amm] [service] advised letter April eighteenth Price number two conductor two twenty five per foot, two and half one eighty five, three eighty cents. Kruesi mailed full details Require immediately bedlam ($5000) account big dynamo began [barn] ($7500) June first and fifteenth July first and Fifteenth balance early in August get adjurning (Soc. Elec. Edison)O authorize Wallerstein make three payments will get along with less if possible [So] [letter] April twenty sixth.##From you May 18. Have lamp [seven] and [eight] where are socket screws hurry these##To you May 18 Screws from Bergmann shipped Amerique twenty sixth April.##Also May [13]. From you Cable immediately price of 2 of 2 half and three conductors##The reason I did not [erac-] receive a remittance from Mr Wallerstein was that he did not understand his cable instructions from Paris & he awaited the receipt of instructions by mail.##I have ordered the commutators copper & it will go forward to you by an early steamer. Exactly when however I cannot say but as soon as I know I will advise you##There is no eighteen light machine but I have a 15 light machine and in anticipation of your wishes I had already ordered drawings when your cable arrived.##As to antifriction metal I cannot get at any reliable receipt for you I should think you could purchase the metal as we do in the market. I have ordered the Automatic Feed Brush wire straightened I shall hope to be able to inform you by next mail when it will be shipped. I have also ordered the tape from Kruesi.##I telegraphed Kruesi immediately I received your cable to send you a complete list of his prices which he informs me he had done.##I am really afraid to send you men for Isolated work. Those who are any use have good positions & your position would not be improved one jot by your having men whom our people here would be only too glad to get ride of.##I hope my explanations by cable to you as to shipments give you the information you desire. Everything ordered has been sent except one shipment armature wire which goes tomorrow the wire straighteners & the tape from Kruesi.## As to the various drawings yu want, I am promised the Central Station Dynamo drawings this week. The exact form of the 250 light machine was not decided upon until about 10 days ago. The drawings of this & of the 15 light machine will be sent you as soon as I can get them from the Engineering Dept. of the E. E. L. Co.##As to the advances on Big Dynamo I cannot understand why Porjes should object. It is but a common rule of business & the London Co just as soon as I cabled them made the necessary arrangements to put me in funds##Cable 20th omitted from above##Porjes strongly opposed to payment Bailey & I will [vote] it through before next Saturday





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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