[LB012472], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Edison Electric Light Co Ltd, Arnold Henry White, May 31st, 1882



Again referring to your favor as to marking packages sent you, I beg to state that I have arranged that each establishment shipping to you will mark as follows##Edison Lamp Co E. L. Co No...##Electric Tube Co. E. T. Co No...##Edison Machine Works From Edison Machine Works &c No##Bergmann & Co B. & C. No...##Each concern will number their packages consecutively commencing with No 1 so that if your storekeeper makes note of the last number on package received from certain Establishment he can tell, when he receives another shipment from that establishment, by looking at the numbers on the packages whether he has everything in order. These numbers will be noted on the Invoices commenced to use this style of numbering & the other establishment will do the same in future shipments.##I found it impracticable to number each package sent you, from whatever establishment, consecutively but do not think any confusion will arise from there being four sets of numbers providing ordinary care is taken by the Storekeepers of your Company.##As I presume that the goods we are shipping you will not all be required in London I would suggest that you give me instructions to ship to other Ports such as Glasgow Liverpool Bristol, Barrow &c and thus save you considerable expense in freight & handling as the rates to most English Ports from New York rule about the same.##Also let me know whether there is any objection to shipping part of your order by Sailing vessel instead of Steamer as I think I could save you considerable on your [missing text] and thus simplify the checking of your accounts.##The letter "K" on Machine Works package refers to the nature of the machine i.e. 250 light plus K3 no 4 would mean 250 light machines no 3 (being our shop number)O & the fourth package shipped to you by the Edison Machine Works.##Our various machines are lettered as follows.##Central Station Dynamo B.##250 Light Dynamo K.##60 Light Dynamo Z.##15 Light Dynamo E.##As we turn our a first style of machine I will advise of the letter of the alphabet by which it is known & in ordering machines or anything belong to a machine all you have to do is to mention the letter by which it is known & we shall understand what you want. Plus if you cable "Ship hundred Brushed K Dynamo" we shall know your exact brushes for the 250 light machine & so on##The Machine Works have already [missing text] freight in this manner.##As to the Plate to be fixed on machines for you as orders are coming in from all quarters with almost everybody wants a different plate I have had to make it a rule to put on no plate at all except the shop plate and leave to the Companies themselves the work of fixing on whatever plates they may desire. You will therefore take this [ascending] the remarks contained in my previous letter on this subject








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[LB012472], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Edison Electric Light Co Ltd, Arnold Henry White, May 31st, 1882

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


May 31, 1882

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