[LB013005], Letter from Samuel Insull to Charles Batchelor, September 15th, 1882



Referring to Edisons letter to you of 13th inst Edison has told me to write you some little explanation.##Bailey says that moses was a great deal worse than useless, that he did practically nothing, that for several weeks at a time he would absent himself & that his claims are altogether preposterous.##An identical letter was sent to you & Puskas & Bailey with the object of getting officially the exact facts of the case so as to enable Edison to shut up moses either with the evidence of his uselessness or with a reward for his good services. Moses claims that he was at great expense in Paris, that he was obliged to entertain largely, & to sum it all up that he rendered very great services to Edison & his Coy. Bailey denies that he had to entertain for Mr Edison, that he rendered but very little service indeed, that he was totally unreliable, that a great deal of time he was attending to his photo Relieve business. Moses has got from Edison $2500 on a/c of his expenses and Edison gave him 50 shares of Euroopean Light Stock & has no intention of giving him anything more. Moses has been repeatedly ask for a detailed a/c of his expenses & to reduce his general statements as to what he wants to a demand in black & white. He has done so at last & I give you below a copy of his letter, for your information and amusement.##I can imagine how amused you will be on reading this epistle. I am just going into New York to see Edison about replying to it & I will advise what the reply is.##Moses is just a nuisance to Edison. In March last he kept Edison standing on a street corner till away into the night and as a consequence Edison caught cold, which was one of the causes of Edison's sickness, not content with this Moses still continues to worry Edison & I am going to make an effort to get the thing settled now beg and question If I am not mistaken the "settlement" will be a referral to do anything more. More of this later









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[LB013005], Letter from Samuel Insull to Charles Batchelor, September 15th, 1882

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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