[LBCD2041], Letter from Samuel Insull to Frank Julian Sprague, September 10th, 1883



Kruesi's men will be done laying tubes this week at Brockton. What progress wrt house wiring ordered by Garrison? Andrews had trouble with his resistance boxes at Shamokin. Don't know what caused it, but I'll pass on the info to you anyway. Leave room when wiring for the REGULATOR YOU DESIGNED. Don't want to put it in at startup, which would be our expense, but if you leave room we can soon thereafter suggest advisability of putting it in at THEIR EXPENSE. wrt intallation of feeder regulator and safety catches. ##25 light dynamo turned out to be a 50 light dynamo at Goerck St. They are now working on 200 and 300 light machines. "Mr. Edison has decided to use only one core of about double the present size on 100 Light machine. The old Z machine he is going to turn into 100 light machines by using a heavier core half the size." ##Sunbury with 200-300 lights running is earning 10% on $16K capital. "This is so good that to day our Construction Dept decided to take the balance of the cost of Installation now unpaid (about ($6400) in Stock at par instead of taking cash for same. You might mention this if people talk doubtingly of Electric Light." [xxx consider select or use annotation dh 3oct06 xxx]








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[LBCD2041], Letter from Samuel Insull to Frank Julian Sprague, September 10th, 1883

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University